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We're a family business that's been trading for 30 years that supply kitchens, bedrooms, sliding wardrobes and storage solutions. We operate nationally online and via our large showroom in the West Midlands.

We have an award winning design team that are available to help plan your room and give any advice you need. You get all the benefits of a professional design team and all savings of dealing with an online supplier.

do it online

You can design your own room via our free online planning software. This allows you to play around with different layouts and get ideas. When you’re happy you can submit your plan to us for review, suggestions, to get a quote and to get 3D renderings of your plan.

You get all of our design experience without having to visit a showroom and you also get the massive savings of dealing with an online supplier.

do it face to face

If you prefer the traditional showroom based approach where you get to see displays and samples, as well as have a full consultation with a designer then you are quite welcome to visit us. Unlike some internet businesses we have a large showroom and are quite happy to meet our potential customers.

Even though you're visiting our showroom you still get our great online prices.

do it your way

If you would prefer to discuss your requirements or submit and existing plan for us to quote another way then that's fine. Whether it's by e-mail, phone, fax or carrier pigeon we’ll do what we can to help.

all designs are free*

We don't charge for our planning service and there's absolutely no obligation to buy from us. All we ask is the opportunity to quote on any plan that we produce as we believe our prices, quality and extensive product range mean that you'll want to do business with us.

* Subject to fair usage and terms and contitions

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